D is for Differentiation

This teaching concept has always been tricky for me. There are four different ways to differentiate according to Tomlinson: Content Process Product Learning Environment I will direct you to this resource which is amazing: https://www.cultofpedagogy.com/starter-kit-differentiated-instruction/ Cult of Pedagogy always has high quality content as well. I trust using anything from this website in my ownContinue reading “D is for Differentiation”

C is for Checks for Understanding

Checks for understanding in the classroom often look like exit tickets – a short assessment usually on paper. Exit tickets are usually 1-5 questions to check to see if the lesson objective was achieved. Exit tickets can also look like a Google Form now too. Or the answer to a question before leaving the roomContinue reading “C is for Checks for Understanding”

A is for Active Learning

I learned a long time ago that students cannot sit for long periods of time. This notion applies to people who are 5 and 50! Adults can sit longer than kindergarteners (sometimes) but still need choice and movement. I learned from Dr. Jean to have students cross the midline of their body to reenergize. ForContinue reading “A is for Active Learning”

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