Perfect Days #SOLC Day 6


I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers March Blog Challenge. If you would like more information about this challenge click here.

Several years ago I learned about the 36 questions to become closer to someone. In the New York Times, the article was titled The 36 Questions that Lead to Love. I am always fascinated by questions. As an introvert, I learned to have a question ready when attending a social event in case the conversation lulled. I prefer to have deeper conversations as opposed to surface level ones.

As part of the challenge this year, I will be answering some of the questions and then you have the opportunity to journal about the question, ask a person you want to be closer to, or answer in the comments.

I have written about this perfect or ideal day many times. It is part of many creative programs including The Artist’s Way.

If I visualize and think about what my ideal life looks like writing is in the forefront. First, I would love to have a writer shed. It would be awesome to have a space to write that would be a little house. I love to look at tiny houses and writing sheds on Pinterest.

Honestly, any time that I can write most of the day is the epitome of the ideal life. I write anywhere and everywhere. I have a desk now but do not often use it.

There has to be notebooks to write it and my favorite pens. I love Inkjoy pens. Right now I ordered a sampler from JetPens of several different fountain pens and have been using those. I also need a computer with the internet because I write using Google Docs.

The ideal writing life is to wake up and write my morning pages and work on a piece of writing — usally a short story or essay. I would publish a piece to Medium. During this whole time I would be drinking strong black coffee.

I pull my tarot cards for the day for whatever deck is calling to me.

Then I have the option for a morning nap. I often call this storynap because the dreams are vivid and lend themselves to a story or a piece of writing.

Then I would go for a walk and listen to podcasts. There would be time for reading and reflecting.

Based on the reading or the walk I would jot some thoughts down for writing.

Then lunch.

A little more writing in the afternoon.

Some days I could go to a coffee shop. Afternoons could be used for marketing and emails that need to be sent. I could converse with some of my writing community.

The best part of this ideal writing life? I would have a bank account that never dipped below a 6 figure income!

Now that would be something!

Published by TammyB

Tammy Breitweiser is a writer and teacher who is a force of nature and woman of honor; seer of nuance; an accidental inspirationalist; a keeper of the little red doors, and a conjurer of everyday magic who is busy writing short stories. Her poetry has been published in The Storyteller Magazine. Her flash fiction in Fiction Kitchen Berlin, Spelk, Cabinet of Heed, Clover and White, and Elephants Never. Her essay is published in the I Wrote it Anyway anthology. You can also connect with Tammy through Twitter @Tlbreit

6 thoughts on “Perfect Days #SOLC Day 6

  1. Wow, an ideal day that includes so much to do with writing. I love it! This piece creates such a great mood, with so much description wrapped around your love of writing. And those pictures! Awesome!

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  2. I could totally live this life! I especially love the idea of a writing shed. Actually, my dream is a writing shed with a greenhouse. I love the idea of going out there, surrounded by lush, green foliage, and writing to my heart’s content. My husband and I have looked at some small buildings, but none of them have quite captured my heart yet. The time will come. Until then, I can dream!

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